Sell your home for 1% !

We are one of the largest real estate companies on the planet. You have the backing of many years experience. Ive been a broker since 1980. My fee is totally negotiable and I sell for as little as ONE PERCENT. Am I a 'discount' broker? NO---Im a FAIR broker. Its not often a real estate agent deserves 3, 4, 5 or 6% which can sometimes be thousands of dollars that you lose. And, I may be the only broker in Oregon to offer a special BUYERS DISCOUNT where its possible for you to have several thousand dollars taken off the purchase price even after final negotiation!
What to believe in RADIO ADS by brokers       The public is bombarded with misleading advertising, especially radio ad and real estate talk shows.   For example, you hear a broker saying that he/she usually sells for over list price. All through 2019, MANY  listings sold above asking price. The inference in the ads was 'others didn't but I did' sell higher, like the broker had done something special. That's not lying but it is misleading.   How about hearing ''OUR SUPER MARKETING ROGRAMS sold a house on 123 any st in 5 days!'   Ask them what their 'Super Marketing System' is. Misleading advertising is what I call it.   Well some offices do nothing but put your home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Of those who do more, we all have the same capability and no office really has ANY advantage that way! We are hooked up in the internet---a true net of many connected sites.   Truth is almost all homes sell from the MLS.
The facts about Oregon real estate values in January 2020   Folks, Ive been a real estate broker for 40 years. I also had a mortgage company for 22 years, and for the last 7 years have valued homes for banks, credit unions, loan servicers and Fannie Mae. I know more than most brokers about values, trends and the future of real estate in this state.   Here are some basics to start:   1. Supply and demand. Usually when there are more buyers than sellers, the value of anything goes up. Up to where though? Up forever?    2. In any area of the country, prices of anything from toothpicks to mansions will be determined by the yearly pay of Joe and Jane Worker.  (To be politicly correct, any number of humans of any type or preference who either use just their own individual money or pool it to purchase. For ease, I will use Joe and Jane, no offense intended) Yes you have poor and rich but overall, its middle America wage earners that determine what values are around them. So,